March 4, 2016

Read Across America

     Read Across America is one of my favorite times of the school year! This event, sponsored by the NEA, takes place each year on Dr. Seuss' birthday, March 2nd.  It is the perfect time to celebrate all things literacy!  But reading deserves to be celebrated for more than just one day, so our school makes it a week long celebration!  I wanted to share some ideas our school has done to celebrate reading and would love to hear your ideas as well!  

Daily Dress-Up Themes

     We feature a different Dr. Seuss book each day and encourage students to dress up according to the theme.  Teachers also tally the number of students who participated and the classes with the highest participation percentages are awarded prizes.  These prizes can include: pencils, a pajama day, homework passes, extra recess time, and more!

     Here are some themes we've done the past.  I know other schools have done this as well, so I'd love to hear your ideas so we can add new themes next year!

Guest Readers

     We ask staff members to be guest readers and read the selected books we are highlighting for the week.  Our goal is to include staff members that all students recognize but do not typically see reading such as our Principal, Assistant Principal, Nurse, and Specialists (art, music, PE, Stem). 

Reading Relay

     The goal of the reading relay is for all classrooms to read the same book in one day.  It is a challenge to see if all of K-2 classrooms can read the book before all of the 3-5 classrooms complete it.  Two books are provided and passed around to the teachers.  Once their class has read the book, they check off their name and pass it to the next class.  Just a fun variation to encourage reading!

Schoolwide D.E.A.R. Time

     Research shows that in order for students to be successful readers, they need time for authentic PRACTICE reading.  With that in mind, we scheduled a school wide D.E.A.R. time for students and all staff members to "drop everything and read." Every person in the building (students, staff, and parents) participated even if they weren't with students.  It was definitely an amazing sight to see!

Special Guest

     We have even arranged for a very special guest to visit our school:  The Cat in the Hat!!  The students all line the hallways as the Cat in the Hat comes around to give out high fives and hugs!

Reading Nook!

   This year we started creating a special Reading Nook for our school as a part of our reading celebration.  It isn't complete yet, but here is a sneak peak!  It will be a perfect spot for students to read with parent volunteers and teachers to bring their small groups!  

Those are just some of the ideas we've implemented over the years to celebrate Read Across America! But now I want YOUR input!! What are some activities YOU do in your schools to celebrate?! 


  1. Hi!! I am so excited that you are blogging :) I am officially following you on BlogLovin'...I'm looking forward to your posts!!!

    1. Thanks friend!! Your support and encouragement means so much as I begin this new adventure!


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