July 6, 2016

Children's Books Bulletin Board Ideas

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This year for Literacy Week, our school decided to have a hallway decorating contest based on popular children's books. Thankfully we have AMAZING parent volunteers who were able to help the grade levels create incredible bulletin board displays!  

Check them out!


Our K team chose one of my favorite books: Don't Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus by Mo Willems. They instead changed their bulletin board to Don't let the Kindergarteners Drive the Bus. The personalized name plates for each teacher were adorable! They also added various pigeon displays hanging from the ceiling which brought the entire hallway display together.

children's book hallway display

1st Grade

The 1st Grade team created a beautiful hallway display based on Marcus Pfister's book The Rainbow Fish. The students helped create tissue paper fish for the display. Each student wrote about what makes him/her special which was also displayed.

children's book hallway display

2nd Grade

The winning hallway display went to 2nd grade for their Magic Treehouse theme. Each classroom took a different book in the series and created a bulletin board. The entire display was connected together by paper vines hanging from the ceiling, which made you feel as if you were actually in a tree. Pretty neat!

Children's book hallway display

3rd Grade

Our 3rd grade hallway is the largest, and they did an incredible job filling all of their bulletin boards with three dimensional displays based on The Wizard of Oz! They connected their bulletin boards with yellow bricks and lollipops made out of construction paper on the walls between displays.  

children's book hallway display

4th Grade

4th Grade used the picture book The Day the Crayons Quit by Drew Daywalt. Each teacher was represented by a different color crayon and matching streamers outside of their classrooms. The signs "written" by the crayons were pretty clever! 

children's book hallway display

5th Grade

Our 5th grade team members have hilarious personalities, which was evident in their Charlie and the Chocolate Factory hallway display. Each classroom represented a different room in the chocolate factory such as the Fizzy Lifting room (shown below). But the BEST part is the display of little Oompa Loompas featuring the teachers' faces!

children's book hallway display


PTO volunteers created additional bulletin boards for Literacy Week, including displays for our specialists. Students could check out these bulletin boards for book recommendations to read more about Art, Music, P.E., and Science. There was also a display asking students "How do you feel today?" along with book recommendations for our various feelings.  

children's book hallway display, P.E., art, science, feelings

Additional Displays

children's book hallway display

1). Love the Book?  Watch the Movie! - A display showing books that have been made into movies.
2).  Can you guess our favorite book? - This board featured pictures of teachers with their favorite children's books.
3). Top 50 Books Kids Should Read Before 12 - A great way to introduce students to new books they may want to read.  
4). Hungry for a Good Book - Cute display based on Eric Carle's The Very Hungry Caterpillar.

Creating hallway displays was not the only activity our school did for Literacy Week, but it definitely had the biggest impact. How could you not love walking down hallways with fantastic bulletin boards featuring some of our favorite books?! It definitely made you feel like you were IN the books!

Have you made any creative bulletin boards based on children's books?  I'd love to see them!

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