An Easy Way to Save Your Anchor Charts

An Easy Way to Save Your Anchor Charts - The Reading Roundup

Teachers LOVE using anchor charts! But we don't love how much wall-space they can take up in the classroom. Am I right? Read on to find a simple way to save your anchor charts in a way that students can still easily use them as a reference! Which isn't the point of anchor charts to have them accessible for students to refer to when needed?

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What is the purpose of Anchor Charts?

Anchor Charts are a valuable visual for students to help them understand a specific skill, strategies, or other content. The most beneficial anchor charts are co-constructed by the teacher and students. When students are involved in creating the anchor charts, it helps them better understand and remember the content. Students are also more likely to refer to the co-created anchor charts due to their sense of ownership. 

Anchor charts are displayed around the classroom as a visual reminder of the content. Teachers refer to previously made anchor charts to build off of prior content as well as refresh students' memories. Students use the anchor charts as a reference as they gradually become more independent with the strategies highlighted in the chart.

Anchor Charts that Don't Take up as Much Wall-space

Teachers typically create and display anchor charts that correspond with their current units of study. But when you are doing that for several subject areas, the amount of anchor charts in a classroom can quickly add up! Ultimately, the purpose of the anchor charts is for students to refer back to them when necessary. They aren't always able to do that when teachers only display the current units of study.

One simple solution for keeping anchor charts easily accessible to students all year is to take pictures of your anchor charts. This is a huge help since pictures obviously take up a lot less space! Think about a large poster compared to a 5x7 picture. I found this 2 sided picture frame from Ikea, which has worked perfectly as a display!

An Easy Way to Save Your Anchor Charts - The Reading Roundup
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It was so simple to turn this 2-sided picture frame into an anchor chart display! 
  1.  Remove the paper and plastic from the inside of the frame. 
  2.  Print the anchor chart pictures and whole punch the top.
  3.  Add binder rings to attach the pictures to the frame.
An Easy Way to Save Your Anchor Charts - The Reading Roundup

Keeping Anchor Charts Accessible All Year

These anchor chart displays are perfect to keep at your guided reading table as a quick reference. If your students sit at tables or groups of desks for independent work, you may even want to make an anchor chart display for each group. This makes it easy for them to refer to the anchor charts independently when needed.

How do you display anchor charts in your classroom? How do you provide access to the anchor charts all year for your students? Share your tips in the comments below!

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An Easy Way to Save Your Anchor Charts - The Reading Roundup


  1. This idea is brilliant! I've often passed by those frames at Ikea and wondered how I could use them in my classroom. Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. What do you put at the top of the picture to keep the holes from tearing? Using in a middle school classroom.


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